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THE.MO.S S.A. is an independent industrial company, a subsidiary of THEMELI S.A. The company's main object is to manufacture and market concrete sleepers and span concrete poles

The production site in Malandreni of Argolida uses a fully automated carousel system.

The plant's monthly production capacity is 12,000 sleepers using a system with early tensioning (pre-tensioning). Manufacturing uses technology developed by the German construction company Leonhard Moll Betonwerke. The factory boasts the latest production control systems and has a fully-equipped quality control laboratory.

THE.MO.S. S.A. is expanding the production facilities for sleepers and turnout sleepers, with an initial daily capacity of 160 meters and the potential to increase this capacity. The turnout sleeper plant is fully operational since April, 2009.

In 2017 the company re-designed the turnout sleepers plant in order to produce span concrete poles in addition to turnout sleepers. Until today (January 2021) 12.000 poles of various types have been produced for the administrator of Greek Power Network (DEDDHE)