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THEMELI S.A. (Government Gazette Issue on Societes Anonymes F.Ε.Κ. Α.Ε. 3456/31-12-86) was established in 1986, but was already present in the construction business sector since 1971 as a company under current Managing Director and General Manager Mr. Dimitrios Dinopoulos, and even earlier, since 1923, when ELLINIKA TECHNICA ERGA S.A. was founded. This company merged with THEMELI S.A. in 1995.


THEMELI S.A. is qualified with a 7th Class Certificate in all project categories and holds an important position among 80 same ranking companies. The Company undertakes major technical works and has achieved high organizational and financial standards.


THEMELI S.A. merged with (7th Class) ELLINIKA TECHNICA ERGA S.A., one of the oldest and most important technical construction companies in Greece since 1923. The enlarged THEMELI S.A. was reassessed by the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works and was qualified with an 8th Class Certificate along with 38 other Societes Anonymes. The Company undertakes large infrastructure projects, such as the Larissa motorway bypass, the new double railway line between Elefsina and Korinthos, and other.


THEMELI S.A. acquires the project studies and mining development corporation GEMEE S.A. – a subsidiary of ΕΤΒΑ – thus broadening and enriching its activities in mining development-related projects, by means of high-depth drilling, search and utilization of water resources, exploration and geotechnical bore holes.

1998 – today

THEMELI S.A. is participating in large project construction in Greece and holds a prominent position in the construction business sector. The company keeps progressing and expanding driven by healthy financial results. It upgrades its building machinery and acquires specialty equipment.